Provided 30 Underprivileged Families In India With 40 Days of Groceries

On Saturday, November 24th, 2018, the Meena Pabari Foundation organized an event focused on providing 30 underprivileged families in Gujarat, India with grocery kits that contained enough food items to feed these families for 40 days.

On hand representing the Meena Pabari Foundation at the event was Ramesh Kotecha, who worked alongside the Lion’s Club of Jamnagar to organize and staff the event.

The grocery kits included rice, wheat, daal (lentils), cooking oil, spices, and more. The families were all vetted to ensure that they were families in need who would benefit most from receiving help in the form of groceries.

Below are photos from our event. If you’d like to support projects like this one, please consider making a donation. Thank you!


Grocery bags ready to be distributed:


People receiving their groceries:


Ramesh Kotecha and the Lion’s Club Jamnagar staff who organized the event on behalf of the Meena Pabari Foundation: