About Us

Our Mission: Feed + Educate People In Need.

After our mother, Meena Pabari, passed away following a valiant battle with breast cancer in December of 2016, we asked ourselves how we could create something positive from our grief. Our mother was a source of joy for our family and friends, always smiling, always feeding people, always working behind the scenes to ensure that everyone around her was happy and having a good time.

Our friends remember her as the Mom who would magically dish out a massive amount of food on zero notice when they were over at our house. She loved to see people eating and enjoying themselves. She also believed strongly in education, always believing that education was the key to opening doors and creating opportunities.

We decided that the best way to remember her was to try and provide food and education to people in need. This resulted in the Meena Pabari Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization aimed at feeding and educating needy people.

We seek out and vet projects with the aim of feeding and educating needy people, just like she loved to do in her life. We don’t take salaries. We aren’t working out of lavish offices. We simply take all the money donated to us and put them to work in helping to feed and educate needy people.

100% of the money donated will go directly to the cause of feeding and educating needy people. We pay for all administrative costs ourselves, out of pocket. Every cent you donate will only go towards feeding and educating needy people. We won’t use any of it for any other cause.

We hope you can spare a bit to donate. Thank you!

— Ashish & Sapana Pabari