300 Lunches Packed & Delivered for Houston’s Hungriest Kids

On Saturday, November 24th, 2018, the Meena Pabari Foundation organized an event focused on packing lunches for Houston’s hungriest kids, via the Kids’ Meals program, which distributes meals to Houston’s hungriest preschool children.

On hand at the event: Hemendra Pabari, Sapana, John, Layli & Sahil Sampson, Ashish & Rashmi Pabari, Sunisha Choksi, Yogesh & Indu Patel, and Sanjay, Soham, & Anil Mediwala.

We decorated lunch bags so that the kids receiving the meals would have something fun and uplifting to look at while they ate, and then packed each bag with an Honest Juice Box, a single serving of Kraft Mac & Cheese, a granola bar, and a snack (a mix of pretzels and crackers).

In total, we packed 300 lunches.

The lunches were then delivered on Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 to the Kids’ Meals headquarters at 330 Garden Oaks Blvd. Houston, TX 77018. They were received by Kelsey Ryan of Kids’ Meals to be delivered to children in need across the Houston area!

Below are photos from our event. If you’d like to support projects like this one, please consider making a donation. Thank you!


The supplies ready to be packed:


Everyone having fun decorating and packing:


The decorated and packed lunches!:


The lunches delivered to Kids’ Meals!: